Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lip

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lip, Lip Colour, Products, Beauty, Make-Up

Lip products, I don't know what it is about them but for some reason I seem to keep multiplying my collection continuously. I have so many different kinds of products to put on my lips it can be very hard to pick which one I want to wear each morning when I am doing my make-up.

My NYC Bucket List

NYC, Bucket List, New York City, Lists, Plans

Well my lovely lot, this is it. The beginning of my New York City content. I am planning on having lots of different posts popping up here and I thought where better to begin than my bucket list of things I have always wanted to do in the 'big apple'.

Memories with Printiki...

Memories, Printiki, Prints, Photos, Images, Product

Life.. it just seems to flash by in an instant doesn't it? I don't know about you but I am becoming so aware that all the precious moments in life are becoming memories so quickly, the older I am getting and sometimes that makes me quite sad. 

A Day at The Galgorm Spa...

Galgorm, Spa, Treat, Resort, Pamper, Galgorm Resort and Spa

Somedays you just have to indulge don't you? Not everyday now but there are some days where there is nothing better than spending the day doing something completely out of the norm. My usual Friday consists of getting up early, running around the house getting myself and my lunch ready, rushing out and heading to work. Well not this Friday!

Sunday Rewind

Sunset, Rewind, Relax, Sunday, Happiness, Mindfulness, Thought

There's so much going on in life these days between work, holiday planning, saving money and everything else in between. Sometimes, I think it's important to stop and rewind through the week to see how far you have come.